Facts about Donghae

Lee Dong Hae had an older brother, named Lee Dong Hwa. He came from the same hometown as Jung Yun Ho from DBSK, Jun Nam. But Dong Hae stayed at Mokpo after he was borned, and the special and unique to the place where he was borned in his house and during that time, both his older brother and dad were playing badminton.

The reason why Dong Hae wants to be a singer is because he wants to fufill his dad’s dream of being a singer, he wants to do something proud for his dad.

When Dong Hae first entered into SM as a trainee, the 2 person he knew were Xiah Jun Su from DBSK and Lee Hyuk Jae (Eun Hyuk) from SUJU. The 3 of them are of the same age and were really closed to each other.

Due to Dong Hae loved to cry a lot, both of them tend to bully him and will always try to find ways to make him cry and it seemed that it will always work and he will always be tricked over and over again and ended up hiding into the washroom and cried.

His nickname Pinocchio was given by Kim Hee Chul. He had another nickname which is East Sea or Donghae Bada 동해바다, Bada means The Sea, and that’s how he named himself as Fish. He had an English name, Aiden Lee, which was being mentioned on SUPER JUNIOR FULL HOUSE.

He’s closed to Jung Yun Ho from DBSK, as they were not only from the same hometown, but were really closed during their pre-debut days, they stayed together with Hee Chul too. The 3 of them had a name, The Ddabbong Brothers. Hee Chul really dote on Dong Hae a lot.

Donghae disliked skinship as he will became really shy. And his ideal girl will having a nice collarbones, a shoulder length of hair.

He said that he hates celebrating his birthday. Because last year, Super Junior went somewhere to perform. He was looking forward to 12 o’clock to come when all his members would give him presents but they all were busy doing their own things, making him so sad, so every time they talk about birthdays on air he would always complain.

Donghae used to reside on the 4th storey of a small apartment. Everyday after school, he would press the bell of his neighbor’s house (1st storey) and run away, until he got caught once.

He often forgets his hat, cell phone or similar items. He would look high and low for his hat, when he already wore it. Once he was chatting with another member on the phone and said: “I forgotten my phone, I’m going to go up and take it.”

He’s a crybaby, soft-hearted and thinks a lot

The best place he likes to keep his savings in, is the water dispenser bottle

If someone tells him he’s short, he’ll definitely go online and search for ways to grow taller and drinks only milk and soy milk.

He’ll turn into a beast if he’s on stage performing U. when he had eyes contact with the members, they’ll think that his stares is so not human.

Donghae always wears a silver bracelet on his wrist, it was given to him by his mother so he never takes it off.

Donghae used to play at the public bath house with his friends, using the bathhouse like a swimming pool, thus making all the ahjusshis there angry.

Donghae, who is quite weak in health, often loses sleep at night. Sungmin who lives with him would fall asleep easily at the count of three, leaving Donghae to roll and flip around in bed trying to fall asleep.

During the 3rd year in elementary school, the teacher wrongly accused Donghae of taking away the attendance book & punished him in the teacher’s office.

If he has a girlfriend, he’ll like to give her a tour around his hometown, Mokpo, and let her know the place he grew up in.

He loves the name Bada, he named his dog Bada and said that once he has a kid he will name his child Bada too.

.Before he debuted, he was afraid of taking the airplane, so he never went to any of the 3 school trip to Jeju Island during high school.

.Donghae, who is sensitive to his surroundings, will not be able to fall asleep for the whole night if he is sleeping elsewhere other than home. It’s because he felt insecure when he does not see anything familiar to him in the surrounding.

Donghae left a message titled “ELF I LOVE YOU” in the fan cafe and sungmin called him and told him he got the title wrong. he typed LOVE as LVOE and he was so embarrassed.

When Kibum first came to Korea, Donghae’s the 1st person to hug him and welcome him.

When he was small, he played games with his friend that needed them to be divided in groups. Whichever group that he is in, will always lose in the game.

He once promised his father that under any circumstances, he will not drink alcohol.

No matter how much he eats, he will not gain fat. Whenever he feels like he had gain a bit of weight, he’ll exercise. And the first place to slim down is his face.

Donghae is really afraid of Shindong’s snoring, and his loud breathing while sleeping scares him too. It’s almost impossible to sleep at night, for him.

He likes the feeling of being protected, being cared for. & because he’ll feel lonely easily, he never eats alone. He needs to have someone to eat with him.

Since he hates to eat alone, Donghae often sits in other members’ to wait for them to be done working so he can go eat with them.

Donghae dislikes pink a lot.. because opposite his bed is Sungmin’s wardrobe and it’s full of pinkish stuffs, clothes, dolls, pillow, bags and shoes are all pink.
(note: he not longer rooms with Sungmin)

He’s not really good at searching things online. He doesn’t really even know how to use ‘Naver’ to search. Thus he doesn’t like going online, not to mention shopping online too.

Donghae really admires those taxi drivers and public transport drivers. Not only because his father used to be a taxi driver, but also because he himself will feel tired and aches all over after driving for half an hour and thus find those people impressive as they can drive all day long.

Donghae is very affectionate so his methods of waking up the other members are to either pad their butts or go hug them out of bed.

He is sfraid of ghosts so he sleeps with a nightlight.

Donghae had didn’t have any friends in SM for one year because he was very introverted at the time and he didn’tt know anyone from Mokpo.

He later meets DBSK member Uknow Yuhno who became instantly close with because they are both from Mokpo.

Donghae wanted to become a singer becuase he saw Boa Kwon. who is the same age. performed on stage and thought she was inspirational.

Donghae is very sensitive and therefore cries very easily. Once, before debut, fellow group member Eunhyuk and DBSK member Xiah Junsu sarcastically teased him about becoming an arrogant star once he debuted. Donghae became so scared/upset that he went to the bathroom and punched the wall while crying.

Donghae cares for his Donsaengs very much, when KyuHyun was in the hospital, Donghae was the one that visisted him the most.

Donghae left a message for Eunhyuk that says “Hyukjae, I love you~”
250* replies “Stop harbouring such a one-sided love.”
Before the bungee-jump, 250* screamed “Let’s break up, Donghae!” Donghae replied, “Come down, I’ll hit you!”
Someone mentioned “I didn’t manage to sleep because of the mosquito. Hyung, teach that mosquito a lesson.” Donghae replied, “Give me that mosquito’s full name and address, I’ll teach him a lesson.”
Believes he, himself, is the most popular member among SJ.
He likes a particular sort of hat so much that regardless of whether he sleeps, washes his face or brushes his teeth, he’ll always wear it, believing that his hair and his hat should always be together.
On his birthday, Donghae gave 茄子* and 特妈* presents, he gave Qie zi a pair of pants but the measurements were wrong, hence Donghae told Qie zi, “Hyung, you may not be able to fit into the pants, exchange it with someone else then~”
When it was time for Donghae to do the dishes, he’ll say “Hyung, let’s play a game(to decide who does the dishes).” In the end, Hangeng loses and he cried pitifully, “I was also the one who cooked the meals!”
In a kitchen where 10 people shares, Donghae sticks his own photographs everywhere, yet he never does the cooking.
In his younger days, Donghae would press the doorbell of his neighbours everyday after school, and then run off, until one day he was caught and got beaten up.
In his younger days, everytime the kids plays a game, whoever is placed in the same group as Donghae would definitely lose.
*I believe it refers to Eunhyuk, partly because of the strong Eunhae bond but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. I’m not too familiar with the various nicknames the Chinese ELFs give the boys.
I did some research and I believe 茄子(meaning “Eggplant”) refers to Kangin, while 特妈(meaning “Mother Teuk”) refers to Leeteuk.
When he was in primary school, he was the school’s tallest student, nicknamed “Lee Tall Person”, but after primary school he never grew(in height) anymore, yet his dream girl’s height was 167cm.
When Donghae was 21 years old, he was already thinking being being a father and he said he’ll name his children “Lee Tian Kong” (Lee Sky), “Lee Hai Yang” (Lee Ocean), “Lee Yun Duo” (Lee Cloud).
Donghae liked to store his money in a bucket (sort of like use it as a piggy bank)
When the MC asks “How do you two address your loved ones?” Kangin said “宝贝” (read “Baobei”, meaning “Darling”) Donghae then blurted out, “Hyung calls all the girls ‘Baobei’.” Then the MC asks “What about you, Donghae?” Donghae replied “海他妈” (read “Hai Ta Ma”, sorry but I don’t know what it means) Kangin then said “Donghae’s dog is also called 海(Hai)”
After he bought Bada home, he got another dog called 九尾狐 (read “Jiu Wei Hu”, meaning “Nine-tailed fox”), people thought it was because he liked watching Naruto, yet our Donghae said “His sirname is 九(read ‘Jiu’, meaning ‘Nine’).”
Ryeowook had said once that he’ll always cook for his hyungs anytime.
Thus, Donghae came back at midnight after his SM training, and he woke up the sleeping Ryeowook and said “Wake up and cook for me.”
Ryeowook got upset and said “Hyung, why are you like that? I’m already sleeping, I’m not cooking.”
Donghae with innocent expression, “Why not? You said you’ll cook anytime, so I woke you up, didn’t you say that before? Well then, I won’t wake you up anymore in the future.”
Ryeowook then said, “Alright, I’ll cook for Hyung.”
On a particular day, Donghae rung a particular member up and said “I forgot to bring my cell phone, I’m going up to get it.”
Lee Donghae likes Song Hye Kyo a lot, he’ll watch her dramas repeatedly on television and if the Princess (Heechul) wanted to switch channels, he’ll shout “Hey! Kim Heechul!”, and switch the channel back.
Lee Donghae said that if he had a girl whom he liked, he’ll definitely go forward to confess his love “If possible, let’s do according to what I’ve said, if you think it’s a burden, I’ll stay away.”
When Donghae was about to take a high school examination, Princess (Heechul) got up early to cook eggs for him (for breakfast).
Little 13 (Kyuhyun) said “I feel honoured to know Donghae Hyung, but when I’m with him, I feel like I’m more like the hyung.”
When Kibum came back to Korea, Donghae was the first one to hug him.
In his younger days, Donghae would be at the balcony, throwing coins at the cars downstairs.
When Donghae sits for too long, he’ll unknowingly use his arm to hug his right leg.
Lee Donghae likes kids a lot and when he sees any, he’ll want to protect them.
“Aiden” is an English name Donghae gave himself.
He really hates the color pink, because Rabbit (Sungmin) who lives with him, loves pink a lot and he just couldn’t stand it. However since Rabbit’s the Hyung, he can’t do anything. Donghae said, “I really can’t stand it, he’s so old already yet he still acts cute, always aegyo with his mother(on the phone?) and it wakes me up.” The MC asks, “Then, didn’t you say anything?” Donghae replies, “He’s the Hyung so I can’t do anything, I just got up and left the room.” The MC then asks, “What if he’s the dongsaeng? Would you kick him?” Donghae replies, “Huh? I still won’t kick him.”
Donghae is afraid to be alone, when he eats, he needs someone to accompany him, or else he refuses to eat.
He doesn’t understand why when he autographs for someone, that person will thank him, he feels he should be the one thanking, thanks to all who loves SJ.
He thinks “Donghae” isn’t his name, yet he still writes his name as “Donghae”.

Source; SJ-M’s Baidu吧, posted by 葬花人在街角
Translation; SilentRhapsody @ sj-world.net

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I edited this by myself~^^

I edited this by myself!! hehehe^^

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OMG!! My Driver Is An Idol!? part 1

“Omma, Hanbi pergi dulu !” teriak Hanbi. “Tunggu, kamu mau pergi naik apa ?” Tanya Omma. “Naik taksi.” Jawab Hanbi singkat. “Nanti Omma cariin supir buat kamu biar kamu nggak repot-repot lagi naik taksi.” Kata Omma. “Ya udah, terserah Omma sekarang aku berangkat sekolah dulu, soalnya aku udah telat !” teriak Hanbi yang sudah di luar rumah. “Dasar anak itu !” batin Ommanya. Lalu Ommanya segera menelpon temannya untuk mencarikan supir untuk anaknya.

Di Dorm Super Junior…

“Hyung, kau jadi mencari pekerjaan selama kita liburan ?” Tanya Eunhyuk. “Jadi dan aku sudah mendapatkan pekerjaannya.” Jawab Leeteuk santai. “Hyung, untuk apa cari kerjaan lain, padahal kan ini kesempatan kita untuk liburan !” teriak Sungmin yang sedang di dapur.”Aku hanya ingin merasakan menjadi supir.” Kata Leeteuk. “Apa ! jadi supir !” teriak Donghae tidak percaya. “Iya jadi supir, memangnya kenapa ?” Tanya Leeteuk dengan polosnya. “Ya ampun jadi supir. Pasti hyung ada maunya kan, kalau tidak mana mungkin hyung mau jadi supir.” Kata Kangin datar. “ Benar ya Hyung ?” Tanya Yesung. “Iya sih, aku akan menjadi supir di keluarga Lee dan menjadi supir pribadi anaknya yang berumur 17 tahun.” Kata, Leeteuk santai. “Cewek atau cowok ?” Tanya Ryeowook. “Pasti cewek !” teriak Kibum yang sedang bermain PS dengan Donghae. “Bener ya hyung ?” Tanya Siwon. “Ya !! benar sekali dan sepertinya ceweknya cantik.” Kata Leeteuk sambil tersenyum. Mendengar itu member SuJu yang lain berkata “Hyung, kau curang !!” Leeteuk hanya tertawa. “Kita gantian aja hyung biar aku yang jadi supirnya, hyung di dorm aja istirahat. Gimana ?” usul Eunhyuk. ‘Tidak mau !” tolak Leeteuk.

Seoul High School

“Haah… akhirnya sampai juga disekolah !” batin Hanbi lega. “Woi !! Hanbi tumben hari ini telat, tapi untung gurunya belum datang.” Kata Park Heejin teman sahabatnya. “Tadi ommaku ngomel-ngomel karena aku ke sekolah naik taksi. Katanya omma mau nyariin supir untukku.’ Jawab Hanbi. “Oh.. gituu..” kata Heejin datar. “eh.. ngomong-ngomong aku pinjem CD Super Junior.” Pinta Hanbi yang membuat sahabatnya itu kaget. “Apa ! mau minjem ? bukannya kau selalu bilang kalo mereka banyak banget dan muka mereka sama semua terus katamu mereka itu gak penting !” kata Heejin tanpa berhenti. “Emang kenapa ? aku Cuma pingin dengerin lagunya aja. Jadi boleh gak ?” Tanya Hanbi. “Boleh sih, tapi….” Kata Heejin ragu-ragu. “Tapi kenapa ? gak boleh ? Ya udah.” Kata Hanbi kesal. “Boleh kok, nih !” balas Heejin sambil memberikan CD Super Junior album Twins. Tiba-tiba guru masuk dan memulai pelajaran.

Keesokkan Harinya, Di Dorm Super Junior…

“Hyung, hari ini pergi kesananya ?” Tanya Yesung. “Iya, nanti siang aku kesana.” Jawab Leeteuk. “Nanti kalau ketahuan gimana ?” Tanya donghae. “Iya gimana ?” tambah Heechul. “Hyung, nanti kalau diperlakukan dengan buruk berhenti kerja aja.” Kata Kangin. “Nanti disana jangan terlalu capek.” Kata Sungmin. “Kalau makanan disana gak enak, kesini aja, biar aku yang masakin.” Kata Ryeowook. “Sekalian makan nasi goreng Beijing buatanku.” Kata Hankyung. “Hyung, nanti minta nomor Hp anaknya ya ?” Tanya Eunhyuk. “Hati-hati disana ya hyung.” Kata Siwon dan Shindong. “Kalian bisa diam gak !! Banyak Tanya banget !!” Teriak Leeteuk kesal karena dari tadi mereka ngomong terus dan tidak memberi kesempatan dia untuk bicara. Lalu semua member terdiam dan Leeteuk masuk kekamarnya.

Kediaman Keluarga Lee…

‘Wah.. rumah yang besar’ batin Leeteuk kagum. Lalu Leeteuk pun membuka pagar rumahnya dan mengetuk pintu rumah “Tok..tok..”. “Tunggun sebentar !” terdengar suara cewek dari dalam rumah. Leeteuk pun segera memakai masker agar tidak ketahuan kalau dia adalah Leeteuk Super Junior. “Cklek..” pintu pun terbuka.

To Be Continue…

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